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About the Investment

Moment is a hospitable housing complex located on the edge of a forest in Ujeścisko, a dynamically developing district of Gdańsk. This housing estate is dedicated to those that look for a settling place that is quiet, peaceful and at the same time very well connected.

Moment combines nature, nearby green fields and excellent location close to city’s centre. It is situated on Łodzka Street in Gdańsk, right by the forest near Kozacza Góra panoramic viewpoint, a park, bike trails and strolling areas.

Highly developed commercial and service infrastructure in close vicinity brings shops, kindergarten, nursery and health clinic to the neighbourhood.

The investment distinguishes itself by its mansard roofs that give this place characteristics of a familiar and modern home. High ceilings on top floors, spacious balconies, impressive glazings, parking halls and child-friendly playground are properties that make what will be a comfortable living space.

Number of rooms
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ul. Łódzka 62, 80-180 Gdańsk

There is no better place to live than the Moment.

Exceptional, secluded location of the investment, outstandingly developed traffic network as well as district’s infrastructure will allow the residents of the estate to take full advantage of the beauty and opportunities that Gdańsk has to offer.

With the location close to important transport node the centre of Gdańsk or business district in Wrzeszcz is easily accessible from the housing complex of Moment. A mere 5-minute drive is what it takes to get from here to Tricity’s ring road or the W-Z route.

3D panorama
Health Service
Trade and shops
Sport and recreation

In near future, as part of investment in road infrastructure, the city of Gdańsk is planning to build Nowa Świętokrzyska street which will connect to Aleja Vaclava Havla and Nowa Bulońska. This approach will provide future residents with maximum safety in addition to traffic improvement.

And already today, with the neighbouring intersection of Aleja Vaclava Havla and Świętokrzyska it takes only 10 minutes to drive from the estate to the centre of Gdańsk, or to nearby districts of Morena and Chełm.

Distance from the city centre
5.9 km
Dystance form the see
13.9 km

Thanks to the detailed plan of the estate, you will learn more about the location of specific stages of the investment and the location of additional areas of interest.

High standard
Skośny dach i elegancka elewacja
Skośny dach i elegancka elewacja
Elewacja w postaci malowanego tynku mineralnego, z elementami ozdobnymi, wysoko odpornego na niekorzystne warunki atmosferyczne.
Eco LED lightning in communal areas
Eco LED lightning in communal areas
We use energy-saving and ecological LED lighting, activated by motion sensors in communal areas of buildings. This reduces power consumption and does not contain harmful mercury. Environmentally friendly, positively affects health and helps save money.

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