Nowy Port
Enjoy living in an exclusive seaside enclave surrounded with greenery, where life goes on slowly as if it were summer holidays.
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About the Investment

16 elegant, minimalist buildings emerge from the sea of greenery on Letnicka Street, on the border of Nowy Port and Brzeźno districts. The low and sparse five-story buildings are immersed in lush vegetation creating a beautiful panorama and providing an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

 Location near the Gulf of Gdańsk offers sea views and easy access to urban living benefits. Facades made of high-quality materials in beach sand color enchant the eyes and soothe the mood, while wooden terraces bring to mind pier structures. An exclusive, two-level lobby with concierge provides a sense of security. Balcony balustrades and panoramic windows, made of elegant glass panes, transparent like water, allow the light to fill the interior of the apartments. Atmospheric, spacious roof terraces and views of the sea and the garden increase the feeling of everyday comfort. 

Children have their own haven in PORTO as well. Fully equipped, numerous playgrounds, referring to the seaside nature of the project encourage the youngest to stay in the fresh air and provide them with a friendly and safe space to play.

Number of rooms
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Nowy Port
ul. Letnicka, 80-536

Wandering around the map of Gdańsk, stop at Letnicka Street, near the Gulf of Gdańsk, on the border of Nowy Port and fashionable Brzeźno districts. Location of PORTO is a unique blend of benefits provided by seaside resorts with urban living: extensive road infrastructure, network of schools, kindergartens, and shops. City center and other popular places like Gdańsk University, University of Technology or Olivia Business Center are a 15-minute drive away.

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Health Service
Trade and shops
Sport and recreation

Eco lovers can access the city easily with a bicycle or a tram – a picturesque bike path leading along the sea shore up to Gdynia and a tram stop are in the close vicinity of the condominium.

Distance from the city centre
8.1 km
Dystance form the see
1.0 km

The detailed plan of the estate will show more about the location of specific stages of the investment and the location of additional areas of interest.

High standard
Modern balconies, loggias, terraces and gardens
Modern balconies, loggias, terraces and gardens
Our apartments feature glazed and spacious balconies, loggias and terraces as well as arranged gardens on ground floors. They are designed with particular care to detail and ensure safety, high quality and a modern look. Balconies are finished with frost-resistant and non-slip stoneware tiles. The use of modern balcony slabs contributes significantly to heat gains.
Superior standard greenery
Superior standard greenery
The internal green areas were designed by a landscape architect. You can find there numerous kind of plants, green squares, benches, and relaxing places with stylish lighting. Our developments are also equipped with safe and comfortable lanes for strollers, skaters, bikes and Segways.

These are not all the advantages of a high standard in PORTO investments. If you want to know more amenities, click on the button and find out what else is waiting for you!

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